Heat, Sound and Weather Insulation

Keeping you at peace with insulation against noise

Very often we were hopeless when dealing with unwanted noise that comes into our ears when we don't need them, some people define it as noise pollution.

And Evista Eco Windows and Doors has just the right solution for you. Our products are made from fine uPVC profile, where each section contains several chambers. These chambers can act as acoustic chambers, which filter out high-decibel sound. We also use high quality EPDM rubber strip along the edges of the frame and glass, which prevents sound from seeping in through the gaps.

Next comes the most important elements of sound insulation - the glass. And we don't just give you one glass for each window panel, we give you 2 layer instead. We call it double-glazing glass, which has a cavity space in between both panel. This act as an acoustic diversion, changing the sound transmission to different speed when it passes through the glass and the sound energy is then absorbed by the frame. This gives you a 60% efficiency increase in sound insulation as compared to a single glazed glass. An improved aluminum thermal barrier air spacer filled with desiccant is also used to hold the glass in place and also to act as sound and moisture absorber.

Saving energy cost with insulation against heat
The uPVC profile chambers also act as a break area, which doesn't just break out sound wave, but also prevents heat from getting in. While aluminium as we know, is a heat conductive material. uPVC is a completly opposite material, it doesn't conduct heat. The outer layer of the uPVC profile is coated with a layer of anti-UV coating, which reflects harmful ultra-violet light, indirectly insulating heat and also protecting the profile from damage throughout its years of usage.

Our double-glazing glass also plays a role in heat insulation. The air-gap in between acted as an insulator, in much the same way as a cavity wall or loft insulation. The air gap is too small for the air to circulate, it prevents the heat to be transferred by convection. The trapped air is a poor heat conductor and it reduces the rate of heat gain of the inside panel. Additional tinting can also be applied on the glass to improve heat insulating properties.

Better heat insulation means less energy consumption for your properties. Results from various test have indicated that just by replacing all your home's window to energy efficient windows can save much energy cost.

Weather Proofing and Water Sealage
We use high quality rubber seal and brush to seal up the gap between each opening. Our rubber seal are made from EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber), which is a type of synthetic rubber which can last as long as 10 years under normal use. There are few layers of rubber seal and brush seal in each window, while we also include water slot in each windows to flush out water.

Our products are tested in Australia and China by the manufacturer for all weather related properties and they have passed all test with flying colours.
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