Frequently Asked Questions
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Why do I not see many uPVC windows and doors in Malaysia? I've never even heard of uPVC before.
uPVC products has been in the market for more than 60 years in Europe. It has gained much popularity in Asia for the past 30 years and only in recent years it has seen some sales spike in some Asean countries like Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

While in Malaysia, uPVC windows and doors has been in existence for the past 10 years, but no brand has actually been promoting it to the mass public. There are some brands which are being sold at a premium price. For Evista, our vision is to promote and make this product available at a very competitive price.

Are uPVC materials any better than aluminium?
Depending on the comparison perspective, which you can also find out more information here.

In general, aluminium and uPVC each has it strength and weakness, but uPVC are better in terms of performance and Eco-related performance. So if you were to choose function over form, uPVC is the clear winner.

What are the price most likely to be?
Our competitors are all trying to sell it at a premium price, but our vision is to sell it at a lower rate with quality comparable to other brands. You can learn more information here.

Is Evista Eco Windows and Doors better than other similar brands in Malaysia?
Our windows and doors system uses the best combination of profiles, hardware and glasses. In terms of material quality and functional performance, we are definitely at par if not better than our competitors in Malaysia. If you want to be further assured, kindly contact our sales representative and take a look at our finished samples.

How do I know if I need a better window and doors?
If you are a person who has concerns on energy-saving, quietness, security, water-tightness, safety or comfort. And if you are the one who always wanted everything in your house to look beautifully good. Then our eco windows and doors system are the right choice for you.

How can Evista Eco Windows and Doors help me save money?
You can learn more from it here. Besides that, our products cost lower than our competitor and also some high-end aluminium frame products. In general, our product is paying for itself when you start using it.

Are there any warranty on the products?
We offer you 10 years warranty on the product and 10 years colour fading guarantee. Plus, our friendly and helpful team will be there to assist you if you have any problems with our product.

Can I get a demo or a sample of the products?
Please contact our sales representative for further follow ups.

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