The Advantages of Evista Eco Windows and Doors
Enjoy more benefits for less, while keeping you at peace of mind

• evista offers you better dollar-to-dollar product value
• longer product warranty against colour fading
• lower price as compared to other local uPVC brand
• more choices on the finishing
• more options on product customization
• more choices on glass option
• more choices on profile according to your budget
• using high quality branded hardware and fittings

When we decided to make windows and doors, we have decided from the first moment that we want to make quality products which are more affordable than what is available in the market. The name Evista was born with all our visions engraved to it, along with our promisses to our customer and the pledges to the environment. All our windows and doors are manufactured with a strict guideline regardless of its size, quantity and prices. Customer satisfaction is always our very top priority.

And to compare ourself against our competitors, we want to make it clear that we can offer what others offer, but with better product value and lower pricing.

competitor comparison chart

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