Green Building Product
Enhancing the green performance of a building

Our vision is to provide products which are not just the best in performance, but also competitive in price, safer to use and minimize the impact on our environment. All our profile systems for windows and doors conform to the strictest of International standards, including the European Standard (CE) and also the Standards of countries such as Italy, Russia, Australia and China. Our OEM manufacturers have also obtained ISO 9001:2008 standard recognition.
Why is uPVC a green product?
All building materials are usually not inherently green but can be used in ways that enhance the environmental performance of a building. For example, a double glazing, argon filled uPVC window may not be green in terms of its material components, but if used strategically it can reduce energy use (heating and cooling) by maximizing the collection of sunlight and blocking out the heat from outside.

Building materials have different impacts on its surrounding, both positive and negative. We assess it through its overall life cycle from resource extraction to manufacture and then through installation and lastly disposal to recycle. This type of analysis allows for comprehensive and multidimensional product comparisons.

uPVC is often a preferred choice over other materials because of its low cost, versatility and performance properties. uPVC is strong, durable, abrasion and moisture resistant; withstands rust and corrosion; is electrically non-conductive and has excellent fire performance properties. And because it has been used for more than a half century, it is one of the world's most analyzed and tested materials.

Resources and raw material of uPVC
uPVC is made from natural resources such as common salt, an abundant and inert natural resource. More than half of uPVC resin is derived from salt, and natural gas or petroleum makes up the balance. Worldwide, uPVC production accounts for less than 0.3 percent of all annual oil and gas consumption and about 10 percent of annual salt consumption.
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