Environmental Friendly Product
Designed to save energy and protect the environment

• Almost every part of the windows and doors are recyclable
• Lower energy consumption for your premises
• Does not contain harmful material
• Low Carbon Foot Print

Some say you can't have the best of both world, something needs to give way in order for us to enjoy the comfort of life. But that is the thing of the past, In Evista Eco Windows and Doors, we will let you enjoy the best possible comfort of your home, while at the same time saves you energy cost without worrying about leaving permanent damage to mother nature.

Both main materials in the system, the profile and the glass are highly recyclable materials. Our fabrication process consumes much lesser energy as compared to aluminium.

We want to ensure our products can carry the product title of "Eco Windows and Doors". And because of that, we want to be fully sure that all parts and materials we use to fabricate are eco-friendly. All finished products must also helps in reducing pollution and contributes to energy saving.

Our main material uPVC does not contain any harmful chemicals such as phthalates or BPA, and therefore is known for its safe properties. It is commonly known that uPVC is so safe that it is used in dental products such as mouth guards and retainers.
Lower Carbon Foot Print

If you think that any recyclable item is an eco-friendly material, you are only partly right. We have to look at the whole cycle of the product to really define it as an eco-friendly product. In this case we compared it against the most common material in windows and doors in Malaysia - Aluminium. This material has been considered as an eco-friendly material due to its nature of recyclability, durability and range of use. But we would like you to know also that uPVC has up to 7 times lower carbon foot print* than aluminium.

uPVC uses much lesser carbon to mine, transport, manufactured and package, it uses much lesser heat during production. The production process is very much straight forward and simple, making its production process faster and more cost effective. And on top of that, the material is recyclable, making it one of the greenest material to be used in construction and home decoration.

(*An estimate number and results may vary with different uPVC brand)

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